1. Who are you? Names, nationalities, and virtually any other socially-defined attributes do not count. Deep down, who are you?

- the name is Farhana Nadia Binti Ibrahim. 
- 5"6'. i'm 69kg. 
- an enforcement for government. 
- 26years old but this year will be 27 lah. 
- purely Malaysian with a mix of Javanese and Bugis. 
- now on training for the Mount Kinabalu Challenge this March. 
- trying to stay out of any junk food for stamina   
- on the same time trying to get the weight of 55kg without taking any pills, just exercising by end of this year.
- a family girl.
- hold on my grudge.
- loves white chocolate.
- hate flowers except lily s.
- got a car, kancil .
- staying with family.
- loves travelling.
- loves photo-shootings .
- loves shooting-photos. eh?
- dreaming to own a Nikon D7000.
- hate shopping.
- love pedicure.
- not an attention seeker, more to silent believer .
- love ghost stories but one hell of a coward girl.
- not too passionate to blogging but just love to write .everything such as this 30 silly questions..hahaaa
- honestly get easily to cry for no reason.
- boyish in a girl way.
- will talk/write in English if marah! like now lah! takut tak?!

ok tu je...bai!


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