Little Blue Ivy Carter

korang mesti ade yang tatau pasal the sexobit Beyonce Knowles dah selamat lahirkan baby girl on &th January aritu... surely korang terkejut kan... ye la minah ni kan sekali die dance, perh... ketuk lutut deekk!!!

anyway, yes it is, she just delivered her first baby girl named


such a cute name for a cute baby girl... so far there is not much picture that they presented to their fans so this is just the pictures that i've come out with from Google..tq Google..
so for more story aboy Bey & Jaz and their lil baby Ivy, you can try on this sites.. 

some of the pictures.. but Ivy looks more like Bey doesn't she? the eys actually.. so similar...heheee...

ok tu je...bai!


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