mumi...mami....its a MUMMY!

takot tak...takot tak..? hik2...saje je tuh...aku dapat email from a fren yang memang rajin nak post something cmni kat aku...hingat aku ni brani sgat kot...puuih...hik2...tapi sebenarnye mende ni die send untuk tatapan aku n rezeki korang gak dapat bace entry aku kali nih kan...hik2...here goes....


We'll tell you about the catacombs and warn once - not a sight for the faint of heart
In facts, the Capuchins - a religious order, began its existence in the Middle Ages Starting with XVI-th century, under the monastery. This was due to a large number of members of the monastic order and the need for a spacious cemetery. It all started with crypt of the church (a place for the relics in each temple) and then the monks began to dig the tunnels, where the dead were located. 
A century later, the monks noticed that the soil and air in the catacombs have-balsamic properties. Then, besides the monks in the catacombs were buried and just the rich patrons of the Order. The last person who posted here was Rosalia Lombardo (this happened in 1920). The girl remained almost perfect (see this photos)

scary kan..?! pape pon they dead da pon...so....xyah la nak takot sangat...ececeee....
sekian, selamat babai...!

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