Are you happy without your EX?

•Do you think your ex will eventually want to be with you again?
++ huh...lantak la..ade aq kesah...!?
•Does your ex still call you? or will you answer HIS/HER call if he/she calls you??
++ ade je..nk gtaw die nk kawen..psych0 kn..tp
ade aq kesah...?!
•What song that reminds you of you last bf/gf?
++ like a st0ne - audi0slave..mmg mcm batu p0n...hahaha..
•What if your ex shows up at your door?
++ n0t g0nna be surprise..just act natural..
•What's the name of your last ex in your contacts?
++ mohd rezza bin mohd yusof..xtau ar bt0l x aq eja name die...ade aq kesah..?!
•Did you really loved your ex?
++ cte lame,xpyh la k0t nk ungkit2..
•Would you want to go out with him/her within one day?
++ nk wat peh..?xk0se aq..
•Are they close w/ your best friend?
++ da kapel dgn besfren aq p0n skang..
•What if your ex will talk to you in a one place? would you?
++ ntah ar...tgk m00d ar k0t..
•What if your ex wants you back?
++ erkkk...b0leh blah ar..
•Are you happy without your EX?
++ yup..s0 much..
1.Hi how are ya?
++ 0keh je..
2. Hey! You wanna go to the mall?!
++ nk wat pe?
3. I LOVE U..
++ hehehe...ade aq kesah..?!
4. Do u want some cookies?
++ n0 thankz..
5.Can you take me a picture?!
++ meh camera..
6.Help me in my homework!
++ wat ar sendri..cmne nk maju nih..?!
7. Here's my gift to you...
++ huhuhuh...tq2..
8. And here's a gift to your mom and dad.
++ ade gak..?!len mcm je nih..?!.
9. Let's just be friends
++ 0k..
10. Do you want me to buy you an ipod?
++ xpe..da ade dah..
11.Let's sit together in the bus.
++ xpe..k0 g nek bas tuh..aq nek kete aq k..
12. Hi baby
++ baby wakLu!..[same dgn 0ldtraff0rd...(",)]
13.You're still handsome/beautiful
++ tq..
14.I still LOVE you!
++ excuse me..i g0tta g0 n0w..
15.Do you have new boyfriend/ girlfriend?
++ klu de p0n nape?nk jumpe die ke?
16. Do you love me?
++ n0t anym0re..
17. Me and my new girlfriend/boyfriend wants to have dinner with you... can you come??
++ xde hal..tp tgk kal0 aq xbusy ar k..
18. I need space.
++ g0 ahead..
19. Why did you let me go??
++ ad0yai..xyah ar nk ungkit2 nih..cite lame ar..
20. I cannot keep my promise to you
++ xpe...xde hal ar..


survey ni actually fr0m mr.0ldtrafford yg wat kat fs..tp sbb die da wat kat fs s0 aq wat kat bl0g aq la...atleast aq mnjwb s0klan tanpa meniru 0rg sblh k..hehehe...what i 'm trying t0 say here is i'd answered this survey sincerely..xde nk tipu2 nyer...s0 kal0 k0rang ade BRAN nk jwp s0klan yg same,...bring it 0n,dude...!...(",)...

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