Ya Allah, kuatkan lah iman dan kesabaranku ini...Amin.

why d0 this keeps happening t0 me...am i the 0ne that needs t0 hold on for all the suffer that i've been trough..?..i felt like there is no such different between then and before..why is this keeps happening to me?it really hurt..maybe my fate is being lonely as all of my friends n family been happy with thier lives..but why me?..do i have to be cruel?do i have to be like i was before?pillory my l0ve 0nes all the time?no...i'm not that selfish anymore..i've changed..but why i'm the 0ne that felt the suffer when every0ne had thier fun..can't i get some fun t00?...d0 i deserve t00 have fun with my friends?
..oops...i forgot..i don't have any friend that really didn't left me..maybe its bcoz of distance between us..but i felt like wanna be at s0me place that n0 0ne kn0w..i just wanna be al0ne..maybe i d0n't need any0ne t0 l0ve me...bc0z all these while, l0ve f0r me is s0 hurt..h0w can i just let them all happy with thier lives but i'm leaving n pain of loneliness...why is there a time i need s0me0ne, but there n0 one there for me...?why me?why i;m the 0ne that have t0 suffer with all this...maybe i need a new surrounding for me to refresh myself and t0 had a better life witout anyone i knew..i need to develope myself...but i admit..i'm getting weaker each day with 0r without sumone i loved..i need motivation to improved myself...but how...i'm t00 weak...t00 weak even t0 trust myself...why is this keeps happening t0 me..?why am i been t00 weak..?
am t00 soft-hearted kind 0f person s0 that s0me pe0ple can take advantage 0f me..?all this while i've been so gentle n that is the way that all pe0ple around me always taking advantage of me..i need strength t0 move forward in my life..but h0w...i'm t00 weak f0r this...help me God..only to You i depending my prayers...Amin..but so n so..life is actually been better just,..i don;t know..whats wrong with me..everything seems so not right but sumtime such hurting thing i've been trough but why can't i just say what it is...am i being psychotic n0w?pleas...i wanna go far fr0m people i know..felt like wanna dissapear from all this people that i kn0w..it hurt..it hurt a ot...i'm deing 0f it...


Si Comel said...

i miss u..

Queen said...

masa akan bawak semuanya jauh2....
sabar dan tetapkan hati....




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