me...waching h0rr0r m0vie...aL0ne...?!!

time nih aq baru lepas tgk cite c0ngkak...kat umah alang nih...gil0 cite nih...tp ade unsur2 tiru ex0rcise ar plak sbb bini die terap0ng ar plak kn...but 0verall this m0vie is scary fr0m the 1st m0mment i watched it...ingatkan cite ni typical h0rr0r malay film yg kte dah agak ape yg bakal jadi lepas scene nih,lepas scene tuh...and that lil girl act was s0 g00d..scary ar..m0st 0ff all that 0ld w0man sitting at their kitchen sink was the scariest part f0r me..gile si riezman tuh tgh carik anak die bile sampai je kat dap0r, org tue tu tgh d0k menyangk0ng kat ctu...gil0 ar org tu0 nih...kal0 aq ar, mau pengsan trus kat ctu...since 1st day release kt m0vie p0n mmg aq nk gi tgk tp ade ar sbb2 yg membuatkn aq xdpt tgk...d0n't wanna talk ab0ut it..but cite c0ngkak ni mmg besh ar..it scare the hell 0ut 0ff me..

ni la rumah tempat d0rg wat filem c0ngkak nih..scary kn..?!tempat bangl0 ni perlis but i didnt kn0w the axact place is..but s0me says that this bungal0w is indeed haunted..samade bt0l 0r x xtaw la kn..but d0nt u felt bulu r0me k0rg naik ke bile tgk rumah besar n terpencil cmtu kt tgh2 hutan..?scary gile ar...but dlm paper d0rg ckp rumah ni mmg berpenunggu just d0rg dtg sbb niat nk carik rezki(wat filem) s0 alhamdulillah, d0rg xkne kacau ar..but d0rg kate suasana kat kwsn umah ni mmg seram ar beb...aq tgk dlm gambar je ni p0n dh seram..huhu...

ni ar pic antu p0mpan tue yg aq cite td..scary kn...time ni ar die tgh d0k kt kitchen umah tuh...gil0 bertenggek cmtuh..dgn muk0 huduh cmtu plak...seram d0l..mmg time ni, aq tek0p muke dgn bantal n i mute that damn tv...eerie l0h...xsanggup aq nk dgr 0rg tue ni ngilai ke...gelak ke...i'm not that brave 0k...just deeply wanna kn0w better..huhu...pelak0n die mmg ar makcik yg men dlm cite 'jgn pandang blakang' tuh gak kn (tuminah sidek)...mmg menjadi ar kal0 die ni blak0n jd antu ke, 0rg kne rasuk ke...mmg she is n0 1 ar...sallute ar aq kt makcik nih..tak0t si0t... mau mngigau mlm nih..huhu..

this scene is the alm0st end 0f the st0ry...they fight that old mkcik antu till the end..uncle m.raj0li tu ar the real hero in this film..he's the 0ne wh0 fought the 0ld mkcik fr0m taking the lil girl al0ng with her t0 the dark side(just like star wars,,=P)..this pkcik was the 0ne that knew that s0mething bad g0nna happen t0 this family when he saw they came t0 their village straight away t0 the bungal0w...the bungal0w was actually been remain f0r ab0ut 20years passed..s0 there is s0mething(penunggu) had t0 take 0ver the place..but this t0wneice doesnt care all ab0ut it..stupid aih..?!

ni la barisan para pelak0n cite seram nih...0verall they have give all the best f0r this m0vie...if i had a chance t0 watch this m0vie at the cinema that m0mment, maybe i'd been there f0r 3 0r 4 times bc0z i like scary m0vies..although i'm a little bit n0t that brave en0ught but still, i wanna watch this kind 0f film..and f0r me, tthe m0vie 'CONGKAK' have made myself clearly ab0ut d0nt be CELUPAR when y0u are in a place that u felt like strange 0r scary...u'll pay f0r everything bad that have came 0ut fr0m y0ur CELUPAR m0uth...s0 beware t0 all...

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